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Locked Keys In Your Car? House? Business? Need Emergency Lockout Service? Pop-a-Lock?

​It’s very common for all of us to get Locked out some day,some time, and after that we are always saying:......one of these days.....

Here is our answer:

We are all human beings and it's normal to make mistakes,but even in an Emergency situation you can always rely on the Best,Local, and Speedy Locksmith company that is near you. 
 is anywhere between Response Time we completely understand our customers' needs,especially when someone is Locked Out and can't get in.That's why once we receive an emergency lockout service request,our Professional and Skilled Technicians are already heading your direction to pop-a-lock for you,without any delays. Our usual Locks Rescue At 
20-25 minutes or less,in most cases.

Leave all the promises from the other Non local guys,that let you wait for hours and 
Call Us-Your Local Pros 972-432-4053 
We always have several ON CALL Locksmiths that are Available around the clock.

​24 Hour Locksmith-Fast Response

At Locks Rescue, we provide a variety of residential, industrial, and automotive needs. If you lost the file cabinet keys or have just an old lock that you want us to repair or replace,We have the right solution for any type,size,make,model and brand of the File Cabinets. We also offer a Free of Charge Estimates.
Do not rush to buy a new file cabinet or throw away the one with damaged locks or broken keys.Contact Us today for a Free consultation. 

If you need a mail box lock or keys, we've got what you need, and we can have our Certified Locksmith to stop by to make a new key for any mail box on the spot. There are times when you can't find the keys to your storage unit or public storage lock.We've got you covered in this case as well. Just call us 972-432-4053 with the address of your public storage location and we can have someone there in No time. We can open,Unlock any Round Locks,Pad Locks, or Roll-Up Door Lock Cylinder without any problem!

Lock picking and how to pick the lock when you've lost the keys

For us, all of our technicians have years of skilled experience when it comes to lock picking, but it is still an Art. Our Specialty is Locks. We know how to pick any lock without having the need to drill them or damage the actual lock or cylinder. We can save you a lot of money on drilling costs and easily open your door by just picking it! 
With us,you won't need to buy a new lock and have someone to install it later. 

Lock Rescue Locksmiths are the Best Local Professionals in the Locksmith Industry

Lock Re Key and Eviction Locksmith Assistance

With our fast growing Real Estate market in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro, many people rent,lease, and buy houses,condos,apartments,shopping centers, and new businesses. People always care about their safety and security and right before you choose to buy new locks for your property, let us offer you a cheaper way to secure your place.This is called  Re-keying your Locks.Even in the situation when you fired an Employee, Evicted a Tenant that didn't pay rent,Burglaries-Break in, or going through tough times in your family and need to keep someone away and make sure they can't get in .It's all possible with us. No matter whether it's day or night,after hours,weekend or holidays, By calling Locks Rescue, you can be sure that we can respond to any service request in a tamely manner and get your locks Re-keyed in no time. Even if we need to replace the entire hardware lock or create a new key instead of the lost one, or have all the locks on you property work all on one key. 
Usually it takes for our Expert Locksmiths anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes to complete the service.

Call Us right now 972-432-4053 for Immediate assistance and we will show you what is Super Rapid Response!

We Guarantee our services and are wiling to Save you Money each and every time!